The Clinical Research Laboratory (CRL)/ HIV-NAT AIDS Research Center Research Laboratory is fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a rare honor in our region, establishing our laboratory as one of only 7,000 CAP-accredited laboratories worldwide. CRL provides multi-functioned laboratory services, including full safety lab profiles, virology assays, serology assays, and PBMC, plasma and serum storage.

Assessment of the impact of training efforts by summary of laboratory performance:

o Assessment of knowledge and skills in standards for Test, Quality Control and Verification of Performance Specifications by audit finding related item of Verification of Performance Specifications from Annual DAIDS Laboratory Assessment and Annual PREDICT Laboratory Assessment by CRL Manager and CRL Quality Manager

o Assessment of knowledge and increased skill in use of in-house laboratory equipment calibration audit finding related item of Equipment from Annual DAIDS Laboratory Assessment and Annual PREDICT Laboratory Assessment by CRL Manager and CRL Quality Manager

o Audit findings showing that after a year of training, there was a gradual reduction of violations

o Site development of in-house calibration for critical equipment such as balance, water bath, centrifuge, autopipette and thermometer. This equipment needs to be calibrated and maintained according to DAIDS guidelines. We also set up a network among PREDICT study sites to accommodate calibration.

o In-house Laboratory Equipment Calibration Skills increased (By Questionnaires)

o Assessment of Compliance with GCLP standards. There are no major incidents of incompliance with GCLP standards that were reported by DAIDS Laboratory assessment for the year 2009 for every site and the Annual PREDICT Laboratory Assessment by CRL Manager and Quality Manager. In addition, CRL, which is the laboratory Center for training grant management, has fulfilled GCLP standards and was accredited by The College of American Pathologist (CAP) in April 2009.

o Assessment of Lower rate of Proficiency Testing Failure

o Assessment of Submitting Investigator report (corrective action) of PT failure in a timely manner. In general, all training was successful and the outcome measurements indicated that everyone was serious in rectifying the problems. In addition, continuous training for Laboratory Quality Assurance is the main reason why Clinical Laboratories participating in International Clinical trials are successful.

Also the CRL manager provides frequent GLP training courses for regional audiences.

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